General industry

Air Blast cleaning turbochargers, moulds, screw extruders
Etching decorative steel glass ornaments
Deburring of castings 
Surface profiling of printer rollers

PLC Steel Sheet Conveyor Blasting System
PLC Auto Conveyor Blasting System
PLC Auto Roller Blast Cabinets 
PLC Rotating Head Autoblast cabinet
PLC Rotatwist Autoblast Cabinet
PLC 3 Axis Blasting System
PLC Automated Wet Blast System

Compak Airblast Series
Compak Airblast Barrel
Compak Wetblast Series
Aeroblast Series
  Aeroblast Dual Chamber
  Aeroblast  1212 Twin User Automatic Workcar
  Aeroblast 1515 with retractable rail workcar
Hydroblast  Series
Dust Collectors DC 100, DC 200, DC 400, DC 600
Multi-hopper Blast Room

Media & Abrasives (AMS/MIL/OMAT/General)