Peening Media / Abrasives

Media & Abrasives(AMS/MIL/OMAT/General)

Steel Shots

Steel shot plays an important role in the manufacturing process: shot-blast cleaning of castings, forgings and rolled products, granite sawing. Shot-peening of the metal surface allows to increase considerably the service life of automotive parts, aerospace parts being subject to heavy tension in the process of use. At pakpal we offer  aerospace grade steel shots of different sizes(S110/170/230, etc) and hardness(45-52/55-62) tested against SAE & ASTM procedures. Our steel shots are certified to AMS 2431/2D, AMS 2431B, AMS-S-13165, MIL-S-13165C.

Cut Wire Shot
Commonly used in shot peening processes for automotive and for aviation, cut wire shot is created by cutting drawn steel wire to lengths approximately the same size as the width of the wire. The resulting wire is then rounded to remove the sharp edges. We offer cut wire shots catered for aerospace needs conforming to SAE AMS2431, SAE J441, GEAE D50TF11. Also available in varied hardness from HV100-850 to achieve different peening results.
· Good abrasion - improve work efficiency
· Highly durable - reduces manufacturing time and cost
· Stable peening effect because of uniform hardness and particle size
· Low breakage and less dust contribute to a better environment,(ISO14001)
· High hardness Rounded Cut Wire is most suitable for hard shot peening to obtain high compressive residual stress.

Ceramic Shots
Recognized as highly performing and cost effective industrial solutions for shot blasting/ peening processes. They apply to numerous processes of surface treatment for a wide range of substrates from hard steel to light alloys, polymers and ceramics. Commonly used as a better alternative to glassbeads, they provide outstanding benefits in terms of quality, consistency and productivity.
ZirPro ceramic beads perform very efficiently in dry or wet pressure blasting systems and in multi-turbine blasting equipment. They ensure excellent working conditions thanks to their low dust emission, round shape, smooth surface and high strength. Chemically inert, they do not contaminate the treated substrates.

Our Glassbeads are manufactured from high quality soda lime type glass and produces a bright satin finish without distortion of workpiece. We offer a wide range of sizes and types (UK/Australia/Thailand/China) for general applications like polishing, removal of light burrs, texturizing and cleaning of foreign matter. We also offer AGB25,35 MIL & OMAT approved glassbeads for peening

Aluminum Oxide
Aluminum Oxide is a sharp angular abrasive known for its fast cutting properties, We supply both aerospace quality and commercial grade white/brown/pink/green alumina for a wide array of surface finishing applications. Our stock of alumina includes approved media from US/UK for Airbus ABR9-0160, Rolls Royce CSS12, OMAT184; 1/293; 145; 1/244; 146;1/266, GEDT50F, PMC & MIL Spec. We also offer commercial grade ALOX manufactured locally for general usage.

Plastic Media
Plastic media was devised in the mid-1980’s due to a requirement by the military aircraft in competition to the hazardous chemicals being used traditionally. US Mil-P-85891 specifications are now the benchmark for aerospace and commercially plastic media is commonly used as a dry stripping abrasive for fast, safe, low-cost surface cleaning, coatings removal, deflashing, deburring and cleaning tools and parts for rubber, plastics, die casting. We also supply Avialite Type 2 (Urea), Avialite Type 3 (melamine) Avialite Type 5 (Acrylic Grade A) medias as well as plastic deflashing media (Polyflash & Nyflash). We have full range of sizes available. Please call to enquire.