CNC Aircraft Structure Shot Peening System

Our customers include prominent part manufacturers and MROs in the aviation, automotive and oil and gas industries. Pakpal possess a wealth of experience when it comes to precision peening and parts of complex geometries. Our list of satisfied customers include: SNECMA, Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney, Primus, HAESL,  and many more.  Our automated aerospace shot peening systems are designed to comply with AMS-2430, AMS-2432 specifications, incorporated with parameter controls to deliver a fully controlled and repeatable peening process. In addition, the system is also able to provide complete documentation of processing, and safety features to fulfil stringent NADCAP requirements. At Pakpal, we provide not only the equipment but complete process know-how for the most stringent peening processes.

Different variations of these versatile multi purpose systems are available. To date we have built a series of peening equipment featured with media classifiers, continuous pressure blasting vessels/gravity flow air blast, internal lance peening nozzles, and spiral separators, aimed at controlling peening parameters with the CNC.

Shot Peening Aircraft Structure Parts-youku
Shot Peening Aircraft Structure Parts-YouTube
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