CNC Combustor Casing Blasting System

Designing a CNC blast cleaning system can be complex task, depending on your application. In some situations that you are using very fine media, it becomes a challenge to maintain a stable media flow at low pressures.  You may also  find it useful to  equip your facility with a CNC controlled blasting system to fully automate your production process especially if you have many different parts of different geometries.  For example, in the Aviation MRO industry, there are many parts ranging from outer casings to combustion chambers of different sizes that require blasting. The traditional way would be to process them manually part by part. With Pakpal’s CNC multi-axis blast cleaning system,  a large list of recipes can be preset to ensure that all the processes be computer monitor with minimal human intervention, thereby lowering your labor costs.  Our customer who has used this system experienced excellent results in time savings, cutting certain processes from 20 hours to a mere 2 hours.

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